Right to Work vs. National Rifle Association: An Analogy

Would you support a law that required all gun owners to become dues-paying members of the National Rifle Association, knowing that their dues might be used to help elect candidates with whom they vehemently disagree? How is opposing Right to Work legislation – a law that says a person cannot be forced to pay dues to join a union as a condition of his employment – any different?

Should gay gun owners be required to join an organization that might help elect anti-gay rights politicians who happen to be gun rights supporters?

Should gun-owning union members be required to pay dues to an organization that might help elect a pro-gun rights candidate who wants to curtail the ability of their unions to collectively bargain for benefits and wages?

Sure, on issues pertaining to the Second Amendment, the NRA might, in fact, be acting in the best interest of the aforementioned gun owners, but it should always be the free choice of the individual whether he or she wishes to send in a check and join the the organization…to join any such organization..

And, if unions provide such excellent jobs, wages,benefits, and working conditions as they would have you believe, what are they worried about? Seems to me, people would be knocking the door down trying to join up.


About Soap Box One

Former New Hampshire state legislator and now the proprietor of "New Hampshire Soap Box", a multi-media torch fueled by the voice of the People to shine a light on the enemies of freedom and liberty in New Hampshire and in our nation's capital.
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