Ron Paul for President


Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson announced his intention to seek the Libertarian nomination for president Wednesday.

Calling his choice “both a difficult decision-and an easy one,” in a statement, Johnson decried the Republican presidential nomination process and pledged to bring a “libertarian voice” to the 2012 race.

In October, I endorsed Gary Johnson in the GOP presidential primary race. As of today, Governor Johnson has left the Republican party and is now seeking the Libertarian party nomination for president in 2012. I have the utmost respect for Governor Johnson and I applaud him for standing true to his principles. I wish him the best.

When I ran for office in 2010, I was asked why I chose to run as a Republican, when my political inclinations run strongly libertarian. I stated then that my intention was, and still is, to affect change within the Republican party (at least in New Hampshire anyway) so that it might truly reflect those principles I hold dear – limited and local government, fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, etc.

I stand by that decision and will continue to work within the Republican party to support and defend those ideals. Therefore, as of today, I am endorsing the candidacy of Ron Paul for president. He is the only Republican presidential candidate who understands, and is willing to defend, those core principles that have made our country the greatest nation on earth.

Ron Paul is the only Republican running for president who has been consistent in his beliefs and who will work to reduce the size and scope of the bloated and bureaucratic cesspool our federal government has become.


About Soap Box One

Former New Hampshire state legislator and now the proprietor of "New Hampshire Soap Box", a multi-media torch fueled by the voice of the People to shine a light on the enemies of freedom and liberty in New Hampshire and in our nation's capital.
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