Welcome to the Brentwood Citizens Forum. I set this page up to serve as a virtual town hall forum for the residents of Brentwood. As the newly-elected State Representative for Brentwood, I want to do everything I can to serve the People in as open and transparent a fashion as I possibly can.

And, while my actions in Concord will be guided by the principles I articulated during the campaign (limited and local government, individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, etc.), it’s only right that every voice in town has an equal opportunity to be heard.

We will disagree at times, but that doesn’t mean we have to be disagreeable. Consider this a “Free Speech Zone”, wherein you will be free to express your thoughts and say what’s on your mind.

And, let’s have fun.

– Bruce


2 Responses to About

  1. Charlie and Joanie Pratt says:

    We write to strongly oppose HB113, which would entirely eliminate state funding for New Hampshire Public Television. We are not frequent television-watchers on any channel ourselves, but the value of NHPTV to New Hampshire schools and residents cannot be underestimated.

  2. Holly Gilbert says:

    Dear Mr. MacMahon;
    My name is Holly Gilbert and I live in Brentwood, and feel compelled to write and ask that you do not support HB 113, which would prohibit the University System of New Hampshire from using state appropriations for NHPTV. This would effectively eliminate state funding for NHPTV and have far-reaching consequences on the enriching local and PBS television programs, and educational and community initiatives that I and the citizens of New Hampshire count on. We depend on NHPTV for quality television programming, that serves to educate as well as entertain, no matter what your age, and it’s loss would be a considerable detriment to the citizens of this state. I understand that the state faces a serious budget shortfall, but eliminating all of NHPTV’s state funding is short-sighted in light of the services and benefits it provides to citizens of all ages in the Granite State.

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