Brentwood Newsletter – October 2011

From the upcoming October issue of the Brentwood Newsletter…

OK, that wasn’t the action-packed House session I was thinking it might have been. The House was in session on September 14, at which time we voted (251-111) to override Governor Lynch’s veto of Senate Bill 88, which will expand New Hampshire residents’ right to self-defense. The right to defend oneself from harm will now be extended beyond one’s property lines to include any place where an individual has the legal right to be (Walmart parking lot, for example). I had no problem voting to override this veto.

Perhaps someday, someone will provide us with evidence that New Hampshire has been turned into a giant “wild west” shootout, with the streets running red with blood, as the bill’s opponents would have you believe it will, but I remain confident that will simply not happen.

The only other item that was addressed was the governor’s veto of Senate Bill 3, a bill having to do with reforming the state’s pension plan. A supporter of the veto addressed the House and stated that all the measures in this bill had already been incorporated into the budget bill, which we passed last year, and which Governor Lynch had already allowed to become law, albeit without his signature.

A motion was made by the Republican majority leader to lay the bill on the table, meaning it would be taken up at a yet-to-be determined future date. Without offering up any reasons for wanting to table the bill, I voted against the motion. I feel that we’re there to do the People’s work, so let’s at least debate the issue before voting to table it. If there’s a valid and sensible reason for letting the governor’s veto stand, I want to hear about it.

Alas, I was with the minority on that, so the bill was tabled. Thus ending a very abbreviated House session. We reconvene on Wednesday the 12th of October. We’ll see what happens then. Until next time, have a great fall. And, if we all concentrate real hard, maybe we can pull the Sox out of this horrendous slump they’re on as the playoffs draw ever nearer.

– Bruce


About Soap Box One

Former New Hampshire state legislator and now the proprietor of "New Hampshire Soap Box", a multi-media torch fueled by the voice of the People to shine a light on the enemies of freedom and liberty in New Hampshire and in our nation's capital.
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