Gay Marriage Repeal Bill On Hold

WMUR: NH House GOP Leader Seeks To Delay Gay Marriage Fight To 2012

CONCORD, N.H. — New Hampshire’s House Republican leader said Friday he will ask that the fight to repeal same-sex marriage be postponed until 2012.

Rep. D.J. Bettencourt told The Associated Press he will ask the committee responsible for the repeal bill to retain it until next year.

Yeah, there’d be a fight over this alright, but not the “left vs. right” kind many would expect. Even if the votes were there to pass a bill repealing same-sex marriage, the numbers simply aren’t there for a veto override.

I recognize that some in the Republican Party ran their campaigns on a platform that included repealing same-sex marriage in New Hampshire. And, I certainly wouldn’t ask anyone from either side of the aisle to betray their principles and their constituents.

But, from a politically strategic point of view, it makes no sense to pursue this issue, as it will serve only to divide the Republican caucus at a time when we must remain united in our cause to fix our state’s budgetary woes.

With super-majorities in both houses of the legislature, the Republican caucus is holding a lot of political power in its grasp these days. If we misuse our power, it will be taken from us by the People as fast as it was given. The fact that we are such an ideologically diverse group of Republicans can serve as a healthy system checks and balances within our party and keep that from happening.

Of course, should this bill make its way to the floor for public debate, the ultimate irony will be listening to the folks who just recently were calling us paranoid, insecure gun nuts pleading with us for our support in their quest to protect individual rights and liberty.


About Soap Box One

Former New Hampshire state legislator and now the proprietor of "New Hampshire Soap Box", a multi-media torch fueled by the voice of the People to shine a light on the enemies of freedom and liberty in New Hampshire and in our nation's capital.
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