How It’s Done…Or Undone, as the Case May Be

I’ve written quite a bit about the New Hampshire State House weapons ban, put in place last year by the Democrats controlling the Legislative Facilities Committee, most recently on my campaign website’s Second Amendment page.

And, in the days leading up to the Christmas holiday, the Democrats on the Joint Committee on Legislative Facilities, took it upon themselves to subvert the legislative process and enact a ban on the lawful carrying of firearms in the New Hampshire State House without any public notification or hearings.

They tried to do this in 2008 through proper legislative channels and were unsuccessful in the face of massive voter opposition. So, now they’ve decided to abandon all principles of open, transparent and representative government and make new rules that infringe on our rights, while huddled behind closed doors when no one’s paying attention. Shortly after this ban went into effect, the Democrat majority in the legislature rejected a bipartisan proposal to have this action overturned.

Well, needless to say, that committee is now in the hands of the Republican majority looking to overturn the ban.

WMUR: GOP Leaders Propose Lifting Ban On State House Guns

CONCORD, N.H. — House Republican leaders want to lift a ban on guns and other dangerous weapons in the New Hampshire State House complex put in place last year by Democrats.

Some of us were looking to get this ban overturned in the same, stealthy backdoor manner in which it was enacted – to give the Democrats a taste of their own medicine. But, then we’d be just as guilty of abusing our power as majority party, and it would have gone against our pledge to run the New Hampshire state government in an open, honest, and transparent fashion.

How it’s done:

But Senate President Peter Bragdon said one of his objections to the ban last year was that Democrats imposed it without enough notice to the public that it was being considered. People who wanted to testify on reversing the ban should be given notice to appear next week, said Bragdon, R-Milford.

At Bragdon’s suggestion, the committee recessed without discussing the measure.

Notifying the citizenry in advance of major policy changes, so as to afford the People (as well as their elected representatives) an opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns on the matter. What a novel concept.


About Soap Box One

Former New Hampshire state legislator and now the proprietor of "New Hampshire Soap Box", a multi-media torch fueled by the voice of the People to shine a light on the enemies of freedom and liberty in New Hampshire and in our nation's capital.
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One Response to How It’s Done…Or Undone, as the Case May Be

  1. Steven says:

    But Bruce, it’s For The Children

    They are only patterning themselves after Der Leader in the White House: if you can’t pass it as legislation, then pass it by regulation…

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